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Electronic Waste in California

Every year, here in California and the rest of North America, hundreds of thousands of unwanted electronic waste such as: televisions, computers, monitors, and other electronics are being replaced by newer more up to date models. Thousands of those electronics will end up in local landfills if not handled properly taking precious metal mixes with them. This is where "Green Works" such as electronic recycling come into play. Electronic waste "e waste" should be properly recycled and should NOT be disposed of with regular garbage. A certified waste hauler should be notified to collect it. We also have many electronics for sale we refurbished from whole e-scrap. Don't hesitate to come down. Our refurbished electronics inventory levels are always high. We also collect e-waste from electronics manufacturers providing assistance at your convenience.

EZPC Recycle is a service electronics recycler, we are dedicated to help prevent the wrongful dumping of electronic waste by using "Green Electronics Recycling" utilizing our extensive network of trucks. We participate in America Recycle's Day every year because that's how much we care for our environment. We also like giving back to our community by participating in school programs that help the kids. We recycle outdated electronics throughout all of Southern California using our E-Waste Disposal Process for our clients. Our final refining process is comprehensive enough to ensure the proper recycling of your waste. Our net revenue depends on it!

We offer various types of recycling such as: phone recycling, household electronics recycling, printer recycling, monitor recycling, scanner recycling, television recycling, computer recycling and office recycling. Free e-waste pick-ups are available within the Orange County area for businesses. A minimum of 8 monitors or CPU's are required for a free pick-up outside of Orange County. Businesses are encouraged to get their employees involved in bringing their e-waste from home to maximize collection. For residences and households, free drop-offs are available at our processing center location in Santa Ana.

The Electronic Products We Recycle

We recycle any types of electronics, including but not limited to: End-Of-Life Products, TVs, Laptops, Computer Monitors, Computers, Unusable Computers, Old Computers, Back Up Batteries, Printers, Copy Machines, Servers, Data Disks, Cell Phones, Mobile Phones, Basic Commodities, Circuit Boards, Toner Cartridges, Notebook Computers, PC Boards, Cables, Routers, Fax Machines, Scanners, Radios, Stereo Systems, DVD Players, VCRs, Obsolete Electronics, Equipment and Medical Equipment.

We also offer Certified Data Destruction, such as end-of-life equipment destruction, with a Data Destruction Guarantee as well as Off-Lease equipment and an Off-Lease equipment Take-Back program as valid data security options. Our preferred data destruction method is mechanical shredding. We will ensure all our customers have data security for their hard drives and that your hard drive data is properly disposed of because of our proper recycling methods. If you're going to choose a responsible recycling partner. Choose EZPC Recycle the best E-Waste Collector in SoCal, contact our field service agents and schedule an electronics pickup today! Don't let your e-waste fall into the wrong hands.